Inaugural session – 31st August 2014 <watch here>

Panel 1: Development and conflict: Reconsidering dominant approaches <watch here

Panel 2: Macro political economy & post-war development <watch here>

Panel 3: The promise & perils of aid <watch here>

Panel 4: Social mobilization, political inclusion & access to justice <watch here>

Parallel Panel (i): Children and Adolescents

Parallel Panel (ii): IDPs & Ex-combatants 

Parallel Panel (iii): Education <watch here>

Panel 5: Distributive justice and post-war resource mobilization <watch here>

Panel 6: Land, Natural Resources & Infrastructure 

Panel 7: Livelihoods and social protection <watch here>

Parallel Panel (iv): Fishing <watch here>

Parallel Panel (v): Access to health, water and sanitation <watch here>

Parallel Panel (vi): Entrepreneurship <watch here>

Looking Back to Look Ahead: Provocations and Reflections <watch here>

Valedictory Panel: Redefining Policy Horizons in Post-war Sri Lanka <watch here>

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